Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jill Stuart.

Sat. 02/14/2015.

Jill Stuart's Fall 2015 collection had the Hip vibe of the Swinging 60's coursing through it's veins and it accomplished what it was trying to do pretty handily, However, it's an obvious and rather Dated place to take inspiration from. There is an Overload it would seem of the 60's during any Fashion season and this particular Mod Squad, Penelope Tree/Anita Pallenberg Construct has been mined many times before, with Greater facility.

Stuart showered her Runway with some Excellent coats and jackets and matched them with Short dresses and skirts that were serving up plenty of legginess. Yet, take away the Coats, and what was left wasn't all that exciting, nor fashionable. The pieces that were shown singularly in the show, Dresses or Tops and Skirts, whatever the configuration, proved to be less than Upmarket, the feeling was that one could just raid the Local H&M or Express and find the same pieces, their lack of Individuality and Uniqueness sank this collection. 

As for the aforementioned Outerwear, A Long Herringbone Tweed Chesterfield caught the attention as did a Espresso Fur Topper that had Endless appeal for now and for years from now. Worth mentioning, a Swingy, Black sheath with Sequined long sleeves was giving off very Good Vibrations. In the end, Stuart offered pieces that will attract her loyal fan base to the Altar and please them readily, As for the collection being anything in the way of Directional or Earth Moving... you'd surely need a Seismograph to record any tremors being given off from Stuart's Bland Fashion Contribution. 

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