Monday, August 10, 2015

Diane Von Furstentberg.

Sun. 02/15/2015.

Every Season, the Models at the Diane von Fustenberg show always look like they are having a Wonderful time and truly Enjoying themselves. From the Sly Smiles or the Exuberant looks of Joy on their Exquisite Visages, you know that this is a show that lets them feel Feminine and Fun and Free to be Excited and not look like someone just Shot their Dog. It makes DVF's shows always a Cannot Miss, if only for the Pure Elation running through the veins of the Defile!

While Fall 2015 was seemingly a more Serious affair, tinged with an Undercurrent of Sex that was more Obvious than usual, It still had all the Goods that make a von Furstenberg show worthwhile! Diane claimed that "By Day, she commands her World. By Night, she inspires Fantasy" was the Idee Fixe of the proceedings, It was well envisaged by the Strong Daywear and Sexified Evening pieces! With Masculine Pinstripes and a Artistic Bird motif there was plenty to stimulate, visually and DVF and her Design Director, Michael Herz offered multiple options as well as the customary Wrap Dress.

However, this showing seemed to be missing that Essential Element of OOMPH that is indicative of the Best DVF collections. That isn't to suggest that the collection wasn't Great, it surely was. But it Underwhelmed. It was a Difficult proposition to put one's finger on Exactly what was Lacking, but whatever it was, it's presence was missing, and it felt like it! The collection did offer some beauties though, A Cobalt Blue Pantsuit had a "Le Smoking" element to it that meant it could function Day through night Seamlessly, while a Red Lace long-sleeve "Polo" Dress was Charming and Sexy!

DVF is always going to Mine Gold with her shows, she's Been There, Done It All,  and seen all the greats and has survived them and Flourished and pushed through for Decades, She knows what she's doing and knows that she has to stay Modern and Contemporary to keep up. She did that Flawlessly with this collection, as she always does! The only thing being, this time around, It didn't feel like it was the most Inspired of possible efforts. However, the Most telling thing about the Ferocity of Ms. von Furstenberg, Even when she misses the mark, she's still Light Years ahead of most others designing at the Top of THEIR Game. She's Just That Damn Good!

That's All.


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