Friday, August 21, 2015

Ralph Lauren.

Thurs. 02/19/2015.

Most often times, Ralph Lauren can inspire a Full Tome of a Review, for the clothes are usually so Exquisite and you buy in to the Fantasy that Lauren is Spinning with Hypnotic ease. Fall 2015 would be accomplishing No Such Feat! For Lauren, Fall 2015 was an Oft-Read Fairy Tale that no longer has the ability to Surprise, and more Factually, Enchant. Was the Tale Beautiful? Yes. Will it always be a Beautiful Tale? It Will. Will it be one that we want to hear or see anytime again in the Near (Or Far) Future? Um... NO! 

This Colorado, High Plains Drifter, Southwestern inflected Richesse Hippy look that is Trotted out by Lauren and his team with SUCH REGULARITY, is Lauren's Comfort Zone and the reason why the collections, whenever they appear, are always Lovely, is because Lauren has done this collection Idea to Death, many times over! Disguising it with whatever the current Mood de Mode may be to make it relevant, but all the while, looking Absolutely identical to whatever year it was that he replayed these same Golden Oldie Hits the last time around! He can do this kind of collection, Blindfolded... In the Dark... One hand tied behind is Back... At the Bottom of a Swimming Pool... Filled with Sharks!!!! There's nothing at all Unfamiliar or difficult for him here. 

The Fur Trapper hats, The "Annie Hall" Eccentric Boho, Suede Ponchos, Fringe Fringe, Fringe and MORE Fringe, Fur Teddy Bear Collars... Every Ralph Lauren Trope you could name was here on display! It was so Dully Boring and Taxing to the nerves. Lauren slips back onto these well-honed, Familiar Ideas with such Punctual Regularity, that you can almost time when he will be travelling again down this foot worn path to the Minute! To even begin to highlight anything is a Useless Undertaking because it's all been Said... AND DONE... Before! Again, The collection was Great, No amount of Vexation can take that away from it. But along with being Great... It was not one Micrometer Original for Lauren! We've Danced this Dance before Ralph, When the Song was New, and Not so New and Now, when it is Irredeemably Stale!

That's All.


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