Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jeremy Scott.

Weds. 02/18/2015.

In some ways, One wishes Jeremy Scott would go back to his Fuck You, Middle Finger, Enfant Terrible days in Paris when after Bizarrely shocking the Status Quo with his Outlandish ideas and Productions, he settled into a Groove that showed him to be a Provocateur in the best sense, with Radical Execution of equally Radical ideas. He had and has Couture worthy skills and although his Cutesy and Patently Juvenile fashions over the last Half-Decade or more have kept his business afloat all by itself and kept him reasonably wealthy and able to continue as he so Fucking Chooses company-wise, it has left him devoid of any Spark of REAL Creativity that was once his Hallmark and Stock-and-Trade. 

Fall 2015 was a Wash-Rinse-Repeat spin of the same old Too Cute to be Real Baby-Doll L.A. Music scene Girl that is wearing London Creepers with her shift dress Printed with Nursery Stuffed Bears and Rabbits trying ALL TOO HARD to look "Ironic" and looking more Fitfully Idiotic than anything! That's how Scott's collection looked... Idiotic. It was Simplistic, Cartoonish and pandering to the lowest denominator possible... If it wasn't so Artless and Ham-Handed it might have been Subversive, and I am sure somewhere in Scott's mind this collection played out as just that, But it was a case of fooling oneself. The Fucked Up part, there were Minute Sightings of the Incredible Tailor that Scott is, A Sharp Asymmetric zipped Plaid Vinyl Trench or the Printed Quilted Jacket with Turnlock Closures and a Bubble shape through the Skirt at Exit No. 39.

Beyond that, A truly cool Shirt Dress in Multicolour Diamond Patterned Leather with those aforementioned Turnlock closures was the best moment of Fashion to be had in the show. Saving that, the rest looked closer to a Teenage Girl raiding her Baby Sis' Layette trying to do her best "Lolita" Impression and looking, basically, Cheap in the process. Cheap looking Clothes, making those who wear them look Similarly so. That's about as much can be derived from Scott's Drivel this season! 

That's All.


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