Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Sat. 02/14/2015.

As collections go, Fall 2015 was a Disappointing and Unsuccessful effort from Joseph Altuzarra. His collection felt Under-Designed and just looked off by quite a few paces. Those High Slits were the first of multiple troubling areas, They looked Tacky and Whorish and for Altuzarra, Overplayed. Sometimes they worked, but mostly, they distracted with the Immensity of a Blue Whale. Just as troubling, if perhaps not more, all that Lace. It looked Confused and downright Inappropriate in a Fall/Winter collection. Any woman wearing these scanty tatted Bits most likely would freeze her Nipples off come Winter in the City!

Altuzarra was occupied by the Dandies of the Late 1700's-Early/Mid 1800's and of all things, Truman Capote's Swans! Yes, Women Like Babe Paley, Marella Agnelli, Slim Keith, Gloria Vanderbilt... None of them would have DARED wear the clothes he was proposing here, Though I suspect, that was somewhat the Point. It was an Absurd Contrasting and it looked it. There was a rather Raunchy Sexual Frisson charging his clothes that accounted for the tasteless Tartiness going on. Taking away these Sexual Innuendos there were Many things that stripped (Pardon The Pun) of their Bawdy trappings, would look quite Incredible. 

The Camel coat with the Ruffle Hem and Oversized Natural Fox Collar was Sending Ripples of Desire on a totally different level than the Sex-Driven one Altuzarra was playing at and because it was more refined and restrained, Looked all the better for it! The Ice Blue Coat with that same Fox Collar was even Better! A Camel Pantsuit on Mica Arganaraz also filled the heart with a Lustful want that had nothing to do with what Altuzarra Intended. 

Altuzarra has had such a String of Blockbuster hits with his collections for the past few years, that a Stumble like this, One so Willfully Stubborn in it's approach, is Unexpected and feels Completely Uncharacteristic, Sort of like if you hadn't witnessed it yourself and someone showed it to you, you'd scarcely believe on any level it was Joseph Altuzarra... Save those Hooker High Slits which by now have become so Cliche for his Label as to be Irritating! One can only mark this as a Diminished success, Filled with some Marvellous pieces, the collection is Absolutely worthwhile deconstructed from the way it was Shown, but as a Collection, It was just Failing Miserably!

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