Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Mon. 02/16/2015.

Nothing too much exciting to Report from Michelle Smith's Milly Label for Fall 2015. Smith said she was inspired by Grace Jones, Potent Material indeed, but the show never manifested the Spirit of that Wild Diva. The collection in fact, while being full of Good, Wearable clothes, just didn't feel like much of anything was being said that was Original or worthy of being associated with Ms. Jones! It was a Lackluster effort Punctuated by flashes of something Bright and Interesting. 

A Bright Yellow Croc Textured Coat and a Vivid Purple suit were about the few highlights from the collection. Smith tried some new things and injected a Futuristic look into her pieces, but even though that effort is to be applauded, in the context of the whole of the collection, nothing was truly Memorable. Smith is a better designer than this, her Fall output was Adventurous but ultimately, Banal. 

That's All. 


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