Friday, August 7, 2015

Derek Lam.

Sun. 02/14/2015.

In what has been one Excellent collection after another, Derek Lam has put out another Stunner in the line of Stunning output! Fall 2015 was another Bull's Eye for Lam, presenting his Chic, Classically inspired, 70's tinged Sportswear with a bit of something Extra. Lam's Woman is a Grown Up Woman who isn't necessarily Mature. She has Mature tastes, but a Youthful Mind and Energy, just like his "Heroines" Kate Hepburn. Dianne Wiest and My Personal Favorite and Iconic Touchstone, the Ever Young at Heart, Diane Keaton! His woman has an appreciation for Ease, but also Luxury and Class. This collection captured that essence in a Persuasive and Peerless manner.

The Wonderful thing about Lam's work is, that it speaks for itself, you needn't Analyze it to Death or Deconstruct it's meaning and employ Deep, Philosophical Investigation or Intellectual Examination, they're just Fantastic clothes to Live you life in and Look Smashing doing it! Lam isn't here to probe your Psyche, He is here to Tantalize it though. And Tantalize he did! Running the whole Gamut of options for a gal to invest in come Fall, Lam offered up Pantsuits, Ravishing Coats, Dresses, Skirts and some of the Best Cut Pants around! Like the quirky Chestnut Brown pair with the front Flap Patch pockets worn with a White long-sleeve blouse and Asymmetric Grey Flannel sleeveless top.

Some other of Lam's Highlights, A Pantsuit in a Grey Speckled Tweed was great enough to be Overcome with emotion by, Or the Vision in Rust comprising a Sleeveless Trench Coat and Trouser. And Vanessa Moody looked as Lithe as a Cheetah in a Two-Piece Navy Jumpsuit with Side Stripe pants! Also, of notable mention, the Louche Elegance exuded by a Pajama Ensemble of a Nude top and Mahogany Pants that just Slinked itself down the runway and should do the same into Women's wardrobes!

Lam is one of those designers that when you prepare for his show, there's no worries. You know he's going to Bring it to You, Every Ball!!! He's one of the few designers where you just sit back and Marvel at the beauty of what's being presented to you. That's a Rare gift to have in Fashion, where each season can be a High-Wire act of if the Designer is going to Fall flat on their face or Reach the Olympian Heights. Lam is too Smart and too Damn Good to Vacillate so... He's Always at the Top of his Game and I don't forsee that changing any time in the Near Future!

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