Monday, August 17, 2015

Narciso Rodriguez.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

In one of his Slickest, Sleekest, Most Diabolically Chic collections Ever, Narciso Rodriguez took Minimal to another level for Fall 2015. Rodriguez's collection was the Definition of Luxurious Minimalism. Everything felt so Lean and Spare and Pin-Point Precise that it Exuded Cool, Collected Calm with an undercurrent of Stripped bare Richesse! The luxury of such clothing is that it is cut from the most Amazing fabric and it fits like an extension of one's own form! 

Done mainly in Black and White with some bold interjections of Colour, Rodriguez sculpted a Linear Silhouette that Elongated and Slimmed the body to Glorious Perfection! Commenting that the collection was inspired by Maharajas and the clothes they wore, the fabrics used for those clothes and the lines, one could see the Vague intimations of a Maharaja's Elongated vest in Rodriguez's own Slimline Vest and Jackets and Coats. Less explicitly, The clothes were Linear Vertical Lines that gave Length to the Torso and Legs and made them look Endlessly long and Slim! The Economy of Fabric and Cut were accomplices to this Stick Straight Figuration! 

Everything here was Worthy of Praise, The White Bias-Hi/Lo Hem dress with a matching Vest on Kai Newman was Provocative and Sensual, yet Strict, an Gorgeous Melon Pink Doubleface coat with Peach pink Trousers was the Walking Embodiment of Sublime, while the Ending Exit was a Force Majeure of Design, intimating a Sari at the Shoulder, the White top Swirled itself about the body and ended in an Asymmetric tail that looked like it was worn over the Black pants below, yet was Enigmatically all one piece! STUNNING! 

Rodriguez Aced this one right down Center Court. He created a Collection to Seduce and Inflame. There was not one piece in the show that was flawed, Every, Single, Piece was A Joy to behold and made to Flatter and Glorify! All that can be said is, Bravissima, Narciso! Bravissima! 

That's All.


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