Sunday, August 16, 2015

Zac Posen.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

It's pretty much a fact of life that when you view a Zac Posen collection, you're going to be treated to some of the most Over-The-Top evening clothes imaginable. It's his Niche, his Oeuvre! He's good at it, Exceptionally so! Well then, Imagine the Surprise of Surprises that in Posen's Fall 2015 collection, The Daywear was the part that excelled beyond imagining while the Eveningwear fell Flat and Underwhelmed? I Know, Right? Not Possible, You Decry! But I say. Very Much Possible, Indeed!

Fall 2015 saw Posen Bat 1000 in the Daywear section and maybe bat a... 326 in the evening... It really was that unfulfilling. The Day wear though, A Trumph!! Opening with the African Queen, Alek Wek, in a Dark Cerise and Russet Red dress with plenty Swing and Swish through the skirt set the tone Perfectly. An Army Green Suit decorated with tiny sprinkles of Bugle Beads was screaming Full-On Covet as was a Mink Bathrobe coat the colour of a Chipotle Chile! The best day ensemble was easily the Prim and Scintillating combo of a Fire-Engine Red Cashmere sweater and a Beaded Christmas Red Wrap skirt... GENIUS!

Evening saw the thrills abate mostly, Posen looked like he was Restraining himself TOO much! By all means, his work at times can use a Judicious amount of restraint, but here it felt Lifeless and Boring. That Va-Va-Vroom that is so usual and Captivating was drained from these clothes. And they Suffered Dearly for it. A Silver Column gown did stand out for all the right reasons, it must be told. When Posen does strike the right balance, both halves, Day and Evening, are singing the same song in the Correct Key, Not one being a Half-Step Off!

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