Friday, August 21, 2015

Marc Jacobs.

Thurs. 02/19/2015.

"The Eye Has To Travel" Yes, It Does! The Doyenne, The Guru, The Queen of all things Sartorial and Sartorially Eccentric, Diana Vreeland uttered those Famous, and at the time, Incomprehensible, words that now are part of any Fashionista's Lexicon! Oh, how because of Diana did our Eyes so Travel! This could have been the Jumping off point for Marc Jacobs' OPULENT Phantasmagoria of Fashion that was his Fall 2015 Epic! Vreeland certainly was where he hitched his Inspirational star to, drawing upon her Gleefully Chaotic and Retina Dissolving Living room, that he replicated as his Backdrop for the collection. Vreeland was an Assault on all things Common, Mundane and Ascetic. For Diana, It was all about More, More, And then even MORE! God, We Need someone like her in these times! 

Jacobs may be the Spiritual inheritor of the Legacy of Vreeland! He knows how to pile it on, then pile some more on... and Maybe even a bit more after that (Did you see his Farewell collection for Vuitton? OK, Then!) but the Madman, Madcap way he does it, it never feels Forced, or Contrived or Unnatural. It always stems from something Boisterously Effervescent and Joyous! Fall saw Jacobs in a Relentlessly Adorning mood, Bugle beads to start... On Genuine DAY Clothes... these were not Cocktail Frocks or Ersatz Evening wear... Nope, Honest to Goodness Day Clothes! Jacobs himself and the Woman he dress are equally Eclectic and Eccentric and this collection was the Harmonious Fusion of those ideas and ideals! And, the Fun didn't just end at those Bugle beads... Oh No! We had in the earliest moments, Cheetah prints, Brocade-y Tweeds with Beads and Grommets, Herringbone Chveron Mink, not to mention Jacobs going in a Big way for the Maxi-est of Maxi Skirts this season! 

If this Maximal and Maxi look seemed to border on the Outrageous, Jacobs sense of Exquisite Taste and Refinement, Reined it all in until it looked Divinely Elegant... Cuckoo, But Elegant! That is the Awe-inspiring thing about Vreeland and Jacobs, that Uncanny Knack for taking it just that Large bit too far, but knowing when to Stop dead in your tracks from taking it into the Ridiculous! For some people that line is way further back than Jacobs would stop at and he borders that territory of being Tacky or being Unique! It's a Perilously thin demarcation, But Jacobs Navigates it like a Master! From this Maxi Minute (which was to return, Happily!) Jacobs Tap-Danced around Multiple ideas and Formulas and they all felt as if they had their place amongst this Isle of Misfit Garments. Overscaled Brushstroke Plaids tickled with Sequins? Yup! Sheer Lacquered Tulle Maxi Tutus? Of Course! Grommetted Leather? Gigantic Pleated Crackled Leather Dirndls to the Calf? Snakeskin Prints??? You're all Invited! 

And, My Dear Chillrens, this was actually only the Halfway point of this Extravaganza! Jacobs continued to Mix and Clash and Combine and Layer with the Abandon of a Mad Scientist, You could virtually Hear him Cackling Hysterically from some Castle Tower as he just Piled it on! From Skunky looking furs, to Delicate, Edwardian Tracery Embroidery on a Phenomenal Pantsuit in Makeup Pink on Aya Jones to Gowns Swirling with Nail Head Studs that evoked stars Spiraling in a Galaxy... The Possibilities just continued to pour forth like a Never Ending Font! 

Jacobs is THE Only man in Fashion that could, I think, Be The true Successor to Unkle Karl at Chanel or Fendi or BOTH! He has the Imagination, The Fearless Spirit, The Ferocious Skill to be that guy! His own collections are a testament to his Gifts, which are Legion! He never disappoints, He may not exactly always please the viewer, but he never not pleases himself! And in that respect, His collections are always Diabolically Outstanding! If she were alive today, I know Diana would have been Crowing with Absolute Delight over this collection, And probably would have been Persuading Marc to let her wear it First... Maybe even Right then After the Show! 

That's All.


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