Friday, August 21, 2015

Proenza Schouler.

Weds. 02/18/2015.

Of all the Designers in the Pantheon of Fashion, Few have had So much Praise lavished on them for doing such Incontrovertibly Awful work as Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. Ghesquiere is another, Tisci is ranking up there too. The clothes they make for their label Proenza Schouler would be Laughably Damnable, if the international Fashion press wasn't constantly Dampening their Undergarments with such Dizzying Appreciation and Extroverted Adoration! To my eyes. they've created nothing worth anything more than Disdain. Hatred would be rather severe, for their clothes are so Genuinely Pathetic that hatred would be an offer of far too much emotion that the clothes daren't deserve!

Fall 2015 was another Ludicrous collection from the duo, Comically misguided to the point of Slapstick, it redeemably had some rather interesting pieces in the bunch. To give credence to their "Artistic" Inspirations is to delve much deeper into the background of this... Farce. The odd thing is, this collection, as much of a Joke as it was, Greatly Compelled me to some degree... I think I am softening to Jack and Lazaro's Sartorial Inclinations and found that I didn't dislike this collection as much as I thought I would. The Clothes did have some Wildness, a Savagery that in places, was deeply appealing, contrast that in the next breath with something that had you shielding your eyes from the ugliness of it, and you have the Dialogue that was going on in my mind, Repellent and Alluring.

A Pony Skin Coat in Brown and White had Mountainous Appeal and those Thickly Sequined pieces that ended the collection had My Fashion Antennae Vibrating, for whatever reason, I couldn't explain if I tried. So, Yes, Proenza Schouler for Fall 2015 was a Decadent Disaster, As per usual, but not an Epic of a Disaster, I could feel myself warming to the clothes, maybe I have spent enough time studying them that I am beginning to Comprehend what Hernandez and McCollough are trying to say... Or Possibly I am drinking the Kool-Aid and liking the taste! WHO KNOWS! LOL!

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