Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Carolina Herrera.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

Water. Undulating, Rippling Waves and Glistening Droplets, Sprays of Mist, Natures Most Majestic Force! Carolina Herrera's Fall 2015 collection was taking it's cues from this as well as from her desire, Quite like the Unstoppable Force of Nature, Karl Lagerfeld, to refuse to Backwards Glance at her work and always be on a path of Forward Motion. She remarked before her show, "I am trying to go to the Future. I don't do Years" meaning that she hasn't any desire to look at her past work or go backwards, Ms. Herrera is Looking Ahead!

Herrera's Fall collection had an even more Organic and Sculptural, Natura-influenced feeling to it than Spring, with it's Softer, more Rounded volumes and tailoring, Lantern sleeves and Curvilinear Asymmetry, She got the Flowing, Liquid aspect just right. Combine that with Exceptionally Beautiful clothes and Luxuriously Decadent Fabrics, Crocodile, Cashmere, Fox and Mink, and it all adds up to something Spectacular!

The proof that this was one of the best shows of Herrera's career and of the season, if not in the Top 5 of the best of the season, was inevitably in the Masterful and Exquisite clothes. To say that there was much to Marvel over does a Disservice to the Enormity of Beauty presented here. From a Melange Tweed Dress in Palest Ice Grey with a flippy hem and sculptural neckline, to a Rounded Trapeze shaped dress in Black with White Squiggles that were both Spot on for the season and Timeless as well! More you may ask, Well there was Scads more!

A Tweed 3-piece suit early in the show in Cement Grey was intersected with lines of Ivory and one Bold stripe of Red  and was Killing It Left and Right, whilst a  Black Strapless Ballgown was so painstakingly embroidered with little fronds of "Feathers" that were actually little bits of Organza fashioned to look like Feathers was Intricacy and the Elaborate rendered Positively Ethereal! In all fact, it was the Evening gowns that made the Heart Stop more so than anything. The final Sextet of gowns were all Tearjerkers, but a couple were just somehow more Walking Fairy Tales than the others, Like the Arctic Blue Strapless Gazar gown with it's Rippling Tiers that swished like Waves on a Wintry Beach that was Gasp Inducing, Yet, it was the Strapless Metallicized White Cloque Ballgown with the Silver Metal accents and Panier skirt that made me Honestly weep with Joy! It was Indefinably Extraordinary!

Carolina Herrera is my Heroine! She is Just as Vibrant and Elegant and Fascinating as she was Three Decades ago when she started creating clothes. More so now, Actually! She has kept herself ahead of the pack by not only keeping current but by always, Unashamedly, Fiercely, doing things HER WAY! Her Tastes and Likes have never wavered in the face of changing Styles and Fashionable Caprices... Herrera has stayed Resolutely TRUE to whom she is and Unquestioningly followed her Convictions and Gut. She's a Lioness in the Absolute Best Definition of the word, and I DO SO LOVE hearing Her Roar!

That's All.


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