Monday, August 17, 2015

Michael Kors Collection.

Weds. 02/18/2015.

When Michael Kors Hits that Sublime Sweet Spot of his, He produces collections that cause the words Flawless and Perfect, to blush at the Inadequacy of the comparison! For the last few years, he has been mounting one Sterling Extravaganza after another leaving a String of Hits in his wake like The Rolling Stones. Fall 2015, Curiously enough... saw the streak come to an Oddly Derivative end! Kors' collection had the Strangest sensation of a Race Car Stalling at the gate! It was, Truth Will Out, Frumpy and Redundant to not only Fall 2014 but further back as well. 

Whereas, Usually, Kors can take even the most reserved pieces and Exalt them to Luxury Status with a Alchemic Tweak here and Twist there, here the clothes just looked, Matronly. There was no Verve, no Catch-Your-Breath Excitation, Matter-of-Factly, loads of it felt Homey and Homely! And I gotta Say, I am Good and Goddamn Tired of those Flat Freaking Shoes! They make the Models look like they're on Welfare! From the beginning, Kors seemed to have unplugged the Cord from this collection and let it linger on waiting for it's moment to meet it's maker. 

On the Positive side, Yes there were many pieces that had that Kors Spark of Desire, a Cutwork Mink coat that looked like it was a Damask, A Black Pajama set Lavished with Crystals in a Paisley pattern, A Gun-Check Chesterfield with Wide Bands of Mink on the sleeves, plus others. Saving these pieces that did communicate the Kors Aesthetic, The rest was a Supreme let down and a Chagrin-inducing lapse in Taste and Judgement. It felt like Michael Kors, for it was deeply redundant, but as if it was Michael Kors done by a Soulless Automaton, or by a Kors who had no sense of Distance and didn't realize the collection was Severely Lacking! 

Michael Kors is SO MUCH BETTER Than This! This was Disheartening because Usually, Kors is the Teflon Don of 7th Ave! His clothes are ALWAYS Above the rest of the Pack by not only miles, But Light Years. This was the Kors that Fell to Earth and with him, so did his collection. Everyone is entitled to a Bad Collection, Yes, EVEN The Great Karl (Fendi Spring 2015, Anyone...???) But let's hope Kors can get his Mojo Back. The bad thing is, That might prove difficult since he thought this collection was such a Winner and was Applauded and festooned with Accolades by the Fashion Press... So, now it's just a matter of waiting to see what Spring 2016 will bring and if he can recover from this Shocking collection and get back in the Game. I am betting he'll be back better than before next time out! 

That's All.


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