Saturday, August 8, 2015


Sun. 02/15/2015.


There wasn't much in Thakoon Panichgul's Fall 2015 collection to get excited over, It was in plain fact, another one of his Mishmashes that produced thoroughly Incomprehensible Fashion Confusion. Panichgul has for many seasons now, just somehow managed to do everything wrong possible in his collection to make them add up to a Dizzying Cabal. This was no Exception.

The most Disconcerting part was that not all of it failed, there were, in places, some lovely pieces, A Beautiful long-sleeve Oversized Tapestry print dress early on was Magnificent. The fringed Sequined Dress that ended the show too was Bursting with Loveliness, But it was hard elsewhere to pick out anything from the Confusion that would work in the Every Day. To go into Histrionics would be to make it look like the collection was Bad, It wasn't. However, it also wasn't Great, it was Jumbled, no outfit really made any kind of sense. Whatever mood Panichgul was trying to Display or Invoke, felt suffocated by unwise decisions.

Panichgul has the Powers to do great things, I don't think he's putting those powers to their best application with the last few seasons of Befuddling clothing. It's just too much done wrong and in Utterly Inexplicable ways. If this is what Panichgul Loves doing, then I say, Do On, Sir! But I can't help but feel there is a Better Designer in there somewhere, Anxious to show what they can do!

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