Thursday, August 13, 2015

Donna Karan New York.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

Well, Do you want the Good News or the Bad News first? OK, the Bad News is that at the time of the show back in February no one knew what was going to Develop between Karan and LVMH in July, which saw Karan step down from her Company and relinquish designership of DKNY (which had already been given to Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow of Public School to reinvigorate!) and that the Donna Karan New York line will be put on hold (Indefinitely) and not show in September. Donna said the move was so she could Focus on her "Urban Zen" Lifestyle Brand... And I'm Cindy Crawford! Yeah, Right, Donna! The truth of the matter is that she was Forced out by LVMH, no one has any proof except a working brain that God gave them to realize what's really at play here. 

Since this is about the Collection in February i'll get back to that and address Donna's Woes some other day! Now the Good News... Donna wont be Designing her label anymore! As of late, including Fall 2015, Karan has made a Joke of her once Pristine Eponymous brand with increasingly Perplexing and Bewildering collections that, even though a Label has to Grow and Change, Altered the DNA of the brand so much that it became oft times, Shocking and more to the point, Enraging! 

Karan has been possessed by this Urban City Hippy Zen Earth Mother vibe that has seen her try to make her clothing more "Natural" and "Organic" what it made them was Shit! Fall 2015 as a Swan Song will not go down favorably upon reflection in the History Chronicles. It was what has become a Typical Flaming Hot Mess of a collection! Inspired by the Nightlife of New York City (Original, Donna! Very much So! *Eyes Roll!*) she confused and muddled her silhouettes and cuts with totally unneeded Origami folds and Obi-like wrappings that were Inorganic to the clothes and helped them in no way other than look Stupid! 

Compound this with oddly sheer/solid skirts and layers, asymmetry, tucks and a Doom-laden palette of colours and it all came Crashing into the Median at 80 miles an Hour! The collection was D.O.A! It's a challenging ordeal to parse out something to compliment, for every single outfit was Tortured by an overdone aspect that Drowned the clothes. A Greenish/Brown Trench hearkened back to the good old days of Yore, but as one Exit could only do so much to excite! Everything here looked as it it had been consciously made more difficult and refractory for it's own sake and was fighting against itself where a less Convoluted approach would have help matters immensely! 

It's sad to see the label sink like this. It was once a Beacon for what Women Worldwide Aspired to dress like. Donna Karan equated Power, Unapologetic Sexuality, Sensuality (Bruce and Demi in those ads... I mean, Right...???) and the New York way of Luxury, not Fussy and Ostentatious, but Tough and Raw! Not anymore. Those days have been lost for good. Where Karan's head has been in recent years is a mystery of which the combined forces of Poirot, Holmes and J.B. Fletcher couldn't Deduce the solution to!! One could say it's been firmly implanted Up her own Ass and it'd be Crass, but it also would not be Far Off, Either! 

That's All.


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