Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dennis Basso.

Mon. 02/16/2015.

It is always a Joy to see Dennis Basso giving the Middle Finger to the Fickle, Ever Mercurial Fashion world and doing his own Damn Thing with no Apologies or Psychological flagellation about whether he is In or Out of fashion... He has WAY too many customers who Clamour for his Ultra-Luxe wares and come back again and again. That he has listened to Whispers of the Winds of change and began, in his own way, Modernizing his looks, is just a way to stay prescient in his customers mind and ultimately, Attract New, Younger Customers. Butto try and reinvent the wheel for Basso... Nyah! Not gonna happen! 

Fall 2015 was just Dripping with the kind of Ostentatious, Obviously Riotous Luxury that his women expect... Sable, Chinchilla, Mink, Alligator, Lynx... it was all there in all it's Horrendously Expensive Glory! The positive addition to all this, A solid chunk of Daywear luxed up with fur was the nicest thing to see among all this unfettered Glam-More! That Basso was inspired by the 70's Trendsetters of Studio 54 was perhaps an unnecessary allusion, the clothes were saying Plenty enough without any other added connotations. 

Highlights include... A Chinchilla and Ash Grey Tweed wrap coat over a Sinuous and Sinfully Slinky Grey Crepe Charmeuse Gown which could be easily broken down into it's constituent parts and worked into different outfits... A Shimmery Lame Gown was adorned with probably the most Outrageous piece in the entire show, an Alligator and Sable Cape Coat that was probably more expensive than a New Bentley! A Lynx and Black Alligator coat over a Simple and Simply Ravishing Black Crepe gown was Unspeakably Wonderful

The Best in Show winners though... A Puffball of a Lynx short Coat was paired Elegantly with Buttercream coloured Slacks, and a Coyote and Flannel ensemble in Grey and Buttercreme was Astoundingly Dramatic at Exit No. 9. A Gold Strapless gown that was paired with a Swirling, Relaxed and Romantic Buttercreme Cashmere coat accented with a White Fox Collar and Cuffs was a Masterpiece of  Extravagant/Casual Dichotomy! Sterling! This actually brings up the only complaint to be had with the show, with all it's Extrovert Opulence, Furs and Evening Outfits, there was too much of a reliance on Fur. Only 3, count em, 3 out of 46 Exits did NOT have a Fur element to it. One was in a way, Drowned in the Richesse and it would have been Mercifully Adored if Basso had stripped back a few of the pelts and shown a little more Variety. 

Again, that's a Minor complaint. Basso fashioned a Winner from Top to Bottom here and it's always great to see someone Shamelessly doing things their way without regard for the Powers that be and whether they like it or not! 

That's All.


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