Friday, August 7, 2015

Yigal Azrouel.

Sun. 02/14/2015.

Fall 2015 saw Yigal Azrouel in a Restrained and Sophisticated mood graced with a Simpler, less Complicated view of his clothing. From the outset, one could visually ascertain that Azrouel was changing up the playbook and going for something more Quiet and Discreet, even though he's never been a Designer to particularly Shout, He can get a little Fastidious at times. Today, there was a Purity that brought also along with it, a Classical Intimacy that added an extra layer of appeal. His palette, as per usual, was dominated by Black and White and this season, their quiet cousin, Grey, done in a Soft, Cement shade. This was given a bit of relief with just a few hints of Teal, Bordeaux and Cognac, but those interludes were as brief as the existence of a May Fly! 

Azrouel hit Many highs in this Lovely collection, which he related owed some debt of Inspiration to Kazimir Malevich (Malevich also inspired the Akris Collection of Spring) and gave a Subtle and not too overwhelming Artistic backbone to these Darkly Lyrical pieces. Azrouel within all this, showed the Depth of his Cutting and Tailoring skills which from the looks of this collection, are a Lethal Weapon he's been keeping hidden the last few seasons! A Leather and Sheep's Wool Bomber was molded so Exquisitely on the torso that it looked as if it was on a First name Basis with the Model and the Pants beneath were in a word, Dynamite! The Finale look was also like an Expert course in Tailoring, an embroidered Tuxedo coat and Slim Trousers, It looked Fierce and Feminine! The Best in Show award was Handily won by a Gunmetal Grey Pantsuit that closed around the waist with an exposed Leather Half-belt and sent Shivers up the Spine. Unmatchable! 

Azrouel might have put on the collection of a Lifetime here, It was so Resonant and Deeply felt, without Overt trickery in Styling or Execution of the clothes. This was the Height of Modern, Sleek, Powerful Fashion. Azrouel Set my Heart to Racing with this collection and Delighted my Mind. No Rarer a Feat to be performed than that!  

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