Friday, August 7, 2015


Sun. 02/14/2015.

Donna Karan as of recent years has lost her way. Her last few DKNY collections have been real winners, But her main New York line has felt like a Sad, Decrepit memory of a once Great Self. She seemingly now is bringing that same Defeated, Forlorn feeling to DKNY in what could only be described as a Mystifying collection for Fall 2015. Where, Oh Where, has Our Donna Gone? Somewhere into the Hinterlands of the Esoteric. When Donna kept to her usual sensibilities, everything got on Fabulously, but when she started to tinker and embellish and reconfigure... the waters started to Trouble!

The Pantsuits were Shockingly Awesome, and a Herringbone Tweed Chesterfield over a Little Grey dress was Saying something we all wanted to hear, add to that a Slender stretch of a White Knit sweater with a little Frippery at the hem in the form of Sheer Pleated Black Chiffon and you can chalk up another winning piece. The Patchwork-y dresses and Jewel Encrustations looked not only Odd, but useless. The patchworking looked Harangued and the Jewels just looked Gaudy and Cheap, "Bedazzler" was the impression that was conveyed here. 

So one could only look at the Disparate halves of this show and Query, Was the Collection Half Empty, or Half Full? With such Varying temperaments to the collection, that answer was one of Utmost Difficulty to Answer, and Hopelessly still, Karan was not offering any Help to abide in reaching a Result. 

That's All.


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