Sunday, August 30, 2015

Matthew Williamson.

Sun. 02/22/2015.

Summing Matthew Williamson's Fall 2015 collection up will be easy to do. It was A Step in the Wrong Direction... Backwards. We've seen this Style of Matthew Williamson before, and Better, and after a few seasons of advancing his Personal Style Language this feels like an awfully Atavistic and not well-conceived Stumble back into old, comfortable patterns that Williamson has progressed far beyond. 

Starting off with some rather Garishly hued prints that caused a great deal of Consternation to the Retina, Williamson did have some rather Mouth-Watering colour combinations on hand, like the Mustard Yellow and Cyclamen Pink Top and long Slit skirt all in Silk Charmeuse that was Positively Joyful! As was a Gorgeous Mauve Plunge neck gown traced with Beautiful Floral embroidery near the end of the show. As for everything else... It lacked any kind of Potency for we have visited these dusty halls with Williamson many times in the past and this accounted up to pretty much a retread. 

Williamson is capable of better than this, even in this Oeuvre, which is his own. He settled back into the groove of old and it felt that, Old, Uninspired, A little Tired and very much Dated. Maybe on the next go round, Williamson will push himself like he had been doing and finding new ways to express his idioms, For this time the Idiom got the best of him and we did not get the best FROM him! 

That's All.


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