Monday, August 17, 2015

Vera Wang.

Tues. 02/17/2015.

Confusing. Compelling. The two words that floated In-and-Out of my mind whilst viewing the Vera Wang Fall 2015 Collection. A Strange, Visceral Attraction to some of the pieces was countered by another Gut led feeling of Repulsion at others! It was a Challenging collection and not one that was easy to reconcile in the mind. Wang's show sparked an Inner Dialogue but one that had no real resolution other than to say... What The Fuck!?!? A rarity, to be sure!

In a collection that was in and of itself about Contradiction, no wonder one was left Perplexed in the utmost by the clothes! That the show was an All-Black affair was not instrumental in helping provide Answers or Context. It did lend a Chicness that only Black can offer to clothes and helped to serve the pieces that may have been less effective in colour have more Potential than otherwise, Like that Cold-Shoulder coat on Binx Walton... Could have been a Mess in colour, but looked Oddly Cool in Black! The contrasting elements of Soft and Hard, Light and Heavy, were expressed via Peculiar groupings of a Button front shirt in a Crisp, yet soft material given Wide, Swinging Kimono-esque sleeves in Heavy Brushed Wool. Or a Melton coat with Thick, Bulky Cable Knit Sleeves. This was a particularly Offbeat offering in a Long Gown of Techno Jersey with Thick Rib-Knit sleeves that looked as Ascetic as a Monk but came off weirdly, Elegant! 

When Wang began Futzing with the sleeves of garments later in the collection, adding Inorganic looking Lumps and Twists and Folds to them, things got Ugly in a Hurry, However, it could be added that that Ugliness added another dimension to the already Jarring proceedings and one that just advanced the language to it's furthest perimeter! It should be stated though, that if Wang could just Stop Fucking around with pieces and Simplify, her Edit would be stronger rather than more Thought Provoking and Bluntly, Irritating! As in the Sharp, Patent Leather Moto Vest on Leila Nda, A surefire winner from the show. 

As evening began to come around, Wang begin clustering High-Shine Sequins in Naif Floral shapes on the pieces, It, Incongruently added a Childlike Innocence to the pieces that again, compounded another layer of WTF onto the collection. It was Bizarrely Welcome and Discomfiting at the same moment! The pieces that gleaned the most from this application were a Diaphanous Nude/Black top and Patent Croc skirt and a Band collar shirt with those Wool Kimono sleeves as earlier, paired with a Brief Skirt. 

From here Wang continued to traverse a Unique road that lead to Who The Fuck Knows Where! The trip was a Brain-Bending one, I'll grant you that, and one that left you, Confused and Compelled to see more... It was the most Extraordinary act of Fashion Prestidigitation I have ever been witness to. I don't have any clue what I saw, Why I Liked it so, or Why I want to see more and why I am so Shaken and Recoiled by it in the same Breath? I don't have the answers... But I am Curiously Keen to learn them! 

That's All.


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